Airborne Systems

We know that one size does not fit all, so our mission computers, interface units, displays, DVRs  & links  can be personalised as per your needs.

ISR Delivering Quality To Provide All Round Protection

We know threats can arrive from anywhere – air, land, sea  and over wide areas. That makes detection extremely difficult. Safeguarding your borders safely and security is a must.   Our airborne systems provide a “force multiplier”  enhancing the performance of the mission systems. Our airborne system are all NVIS compliant suitable for day and night use.

B2KH specialises in airborne system and has developed a range of equipment. Our  range of products include the  CAMC airborne mission computer,  LapLinker general mission equipment interface unit, Fax Modem, Airborne DVRs, Video Downlinks, Airborne Video Recorder, Displays and much more.

Maximise Mission Success

We Provide Quality Solutions

  • Our company continuously provides innovative solutions that are developed, adapted, and improved by pushing intellectual and technological boundaries.
  • Our products, services, and solutions are assured to provide innovative solutions to meet their needs of security and safety.

Leading Edge Airborne Displays

  • The standard airborne rugged colour display range covers from 10.4″ to 21″ screen sizes. These airborne displays are available with either optically bonded toughened glass or PCAP touchscreen. All our colour displays  are sunlight readable and also NVIS compatible for use with night vision equipment at night.
  • Our airborne colour displays are lightweight  with 4 inputs as standard. Different standards can be mixed across the inputs, for example 3 x SDI +1 HMDI. 6 factory defined patterns are selectable by a front panel, but others can be selected via remote link if required.


B2KH manufactures compact airborne mission computers. This product provides you with 4-channel broadcast-quality H265 video codecs. Our CAMC will run sophisticated mapping systems with real-time tracking. This airborne system also provides multiple interfaces for all mission equipment and a removable SSD for mapping or recording sensitive data. This system also features a built-in gigabit switch and supports 3 displays.

Compact Airborne Mission Computer

60003 Stanag 3350 RGB-SDI Encoder

Enables legacy turrets to connect in to modern
SDi video systems. DO160 tested

60003 Stanag 3350 RGB-SDI Encoder

60004 Fax Modem

Aircraft quality Serial/USB Fax Modem.

60004 Fax Modem

2942 Airborne DVR

We manufacture 2 types of airborne DVR. The 2942 is a high performance broadcast quality CVBS or SDI recorder, with playback. Ideally suited for high quality replay in flight and and the 60005 long duration record only unit which records on SD card. Both recorders have remote record capability.

Unmatched high quality recording airborne DVR. Composite Analogue (YC option) or SDI input. Records on to SSD. Will convert the input to provide both analogue and SDI. Full normal VCR operations and full remote available.

2942 Airborne DVR

60005 Airborne DVR

60005 DVR records high quality digital video on to a removeable SD card and will record 50+ hours on a 256GB card. Additionally the 60005 provides a streaming output of the source video for network devices. The DVR can be set to automatically start recording when the mission system powers up. Recording can also be initiated from our range of displays.

Airborne Video Recorder & DVR

2915C 40w Video Downlink

40W analogue video downlink transmitter. Remote frequency control. C Band L and S band upon request . Options available

40W analogue video downlink transmitter

60007 17.3” Airborne Display NVIS

Our Airborne NVIS Display is a 17.3″ inch airborne colour display with an optically bonded  touch screen or tempered glass panel. It also has NVIS compatibility and Day/ Night modes. 4 HD/ SDI inputs (or a mix of standards) which are displayed in a variety of patterns as a selected by a rotary switch.

NVIS Airborne Display