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Welcome To Britannia 2000 Holdings

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Britannia 2000 Holdings has a history of over 30 years in delivering high performance, state of the art systems across the ISTAR spectrum, always with the individual customer requirements foremost.

As an ISO9001 accredited manufacturer and supplier, our range includes airborne mission computers, Rugged Military Displays,  image transmission systems and specialised video and thermal cameras for defence contractors, systems integrators and end users world-wide.

Our in-house design and build expertise allows us to deliver future proof surveillance solutions with cutting edge technologies and an in-depth understanding of the challenges that customers face in active service, based on decades of experience.

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With decades of experience in the defence industry and working closely with Defence Contractors and end-users, Britannia 2000 Holdings (B2KH) has developed a range of products that can be personalised and low cost for specific requirements for Rugged Military Displays,  Airborne Mission Computers and Mission Interface Units. Rugged Military Displays for Airborne applications are required to be as light as possible and vibration tolerant in rotary-wing aircraft, whereas ground vehicle units need to be more robust against accidental damage by knocks and bumps from soldier’s equipment and violent shocks from vehicle movement. Our common design allows us to cover these aspects simply during production, and also a variety of inputs from different sensors and equipment to be found in the air and on the ground.

The same approach is taken with our Compact Mission Computers and Mission Interface Units which can be equally at home in the air, land and sea environment. Each can be tailored to the task during production from basic units with entry-level performance through to high-performance versions for the more sophisticated applications.

To support our principal product lines we continuously design and manufacture ancillary products to meet specific user requirements.  Our rugged digital recorder products have been used in aircraft with a history traceable back over 30 years and are still recognised as providing high-quality recording to this day. Airborne Downlinks and Full Motion Video Receivers have proved to be invaluable for operational and training use.

B2KH has a policy of continuous improvement to give our customers the best tools to ‘Maximise Mission Success’

We provide software support and Best Applications services

Britannia manufactures and supports a wide range of OEM units for systems integrators. We also provide integration assistance, software support and extended warranty programmes when required.

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Our mission to provide high quality performance

Our mission is to provide high performance, cutting edge equipment which is reliable for use in the most demanding environments. Simplicity of operation is foremost in the design phase to reduce training time and cost, with intuitive controls leading to improved efficiency when under stress helping to “Maximise Mission Success”

 Product support is an integral part of the Britannia package, and we go the extra mile to help our customers “Maximise Mission Success” when deploying our equipment and provide factory support for installation and extended warranty programmes.

Britannia  customers

Britannia deals with a wide range of customers from Tier 1 defence contractors and airborne systems integrators through to government users and small independent niche market companies to provide  COTS, MOTS and bespoke products.