60003 Stanag 3350 RGB-SDI Encoder

60003 Stanag 3350 RGB-SDI Encoder

60003 Stanag 3350 RGB-SDI Encoder

6 0 0 0 3 Airborne RGB to SDI Converter


The Airborne STANAG 3350B RGB Converter is a lightweight and compact video converter for use in airborne or other military applications.

The unit converts Stanag 3350B PAL analogue RGB video to SMPTE-259M-B definition digital video.

It is used to convert analogue video from an airborne camera source such as a surveillance turret into a digitised format for distribution, display and/or storage.

It is designed to be Plug-and-Play without any external configuration options.


  • DO160 certified
  • Converts Stanag 3350B to SMPTE-259M-B digital video
  • No user controls
  • Compact
  • Low power consumption


Signal Input: RGB sync on green
Signal Output: SDI
Input Connector: MS38999 (power & signal)
Output Connector: BNC
Power: 16-40vdc, 2.8w
Size: 120mm x 140mm x 47mm inc. base
Environment: RTCO 160G -45ºC~+70ºC operationalCo-160G
Vibration, Altitude,
RTCO-160G contact factory for full details