Ground System

  • To complement the Airborne Downlinks, B2KH also developed the Full Motion Video Receivers for Ground System use, either operationally, training, or for use on the Apron for a pre-mission operations check of a surveillance pod.
  • To check the functionality of a Ground Receiver System prior to use we also developed the TACTEST wireless camera system which uses the same frequency band as pods. A simple check will confirm that the TACP or Britvu systems are working before a mission.
  • Our systems have been used operationally by NATO forces as well as in ‘ISTAR by the hour’  contracts.


The TACP  is a small, pouch sized Full Motion Video Downlink Receiver which has seen action in theatres around the world. The ITAR free system will receive the commonly used  C, L and S band transmissions from pods and other sources. Fully ruggedised the TACP is a vital tool in ground operations. Scanning and video viewing can be via an any ethernet device running Windows. In the field the TACP is powered by a standard PRC152/163 type radio battery or any 9-36v dc supply.

waterproof analogue Remote Video Receiver


BRITVU is a prominent handheld remote C band receiver ground system for video with a daylight viewable LCD display and 7 hours battery. The operational performance is the same as the TACP, but includes a ruggedised viewing screen and thumbstick  control menu operations for manual tuning or auto-scan. LS band also available.

Hand Held Remote Video Receiver


TACTEST is a  ground test video transmitter for confidence checking TACP and Britvu systems prior to a mission. For airborne systems if a pod signal is not received by a Britvu then the Britvu can be checked and hence confirm that the pod is faulty. Service versions are powered. By an external source or PRC152/163 battery.

testing Remote Video Receivers

A commercial version is available for rear area and factory testing.

Ground surveillance systems from B2K Holdings can be helpful for thoroughly planning a mission. The planning can be the make or break aspect of each task, and this equipment is designed to be durable. The main motive of this rugged ground system is to enable durability while keeping functionality intact.