Ground System


Small rugged and waterproof analogue Remote Video Receiver for tactical use. Triband, L,S & C multichannel which can be tuned to a specific transmitter frequency or auto-scan. Connects to PC for control or viewing via ethernet, direct video output. Powered by quick release standard radio batteries (Harris, Thales etc) or by direct connection to 9-36vdc source

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Hand Held Remote Video Receiver complete with daylight viewable LCD display and built in battery with 7 hours duration. Thumbstick controls for menu operation. Auto-scan or manual tuning. C Band as standard and option L/S Band.

BRITVU ground system, BRITVU ground system uk


Available in 2 versions, the TACTEST provides a C band analogue video source for testing Remote Video Receivers prior to mission or for factory test.
The TACTEST is available with an external battery connection compatible with radio batteries (Harris, Thales etc and external power or with a built in rechargeable battery pack

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