60004 Fax Modem

60004 Airborne Fax Modem

60004 Fax Modem

60004 Fax Modem

The 60004 Modem features high-performance dial-up modems designed for integration into a serial device through a MS38999 connector (others can be specified). The modem will automatically accept DC power inputs ranging from 16V to 40VDC and the supply is filtered to meet EMC requirements of RTCA DO-160. Data speeds from 2400bps, 14.4K, 33.6K to 56Kbps (V.92), and 14.4Kbs for fax.

It features Error Correction and Data Compression for optimum data throughput and accuracy. The modem is also capable of detecting Caller ID information, DTMF tones, Distinctive Ring signals, Extension Pick-up, and Line in Use. Other enhancements include Digital Line Guard protection to protect the modem from damage if accidentally connected to a digital phone line.


  • Designed to meet RTCA DO-160G
  • Compact
  • Rugged base plate mounting
  • Low Power
  • Wide voltage range
  • Mil Spec Connectors
  • Up to 56Kbs downstream
  • Up to 48Kbs upstream


Power: 16 – 40v DC
Environmental: -40ºC ~ +85C operating
Size: 140mm x 120mm x 47mm inc baseplate
Connectors: MS38999 (other available)
Command Set: AT command set
Data Rate Downstream: 2.4bps ~ 56kbs
Data Rate Upstream: Up to 48kbs
Ring: DTMF
Data Compression: V.42bis & MNP5 data compression
Error Correction: LAPM
Connection: V29 FastPOS and V.22 FastConnect support