Specialist System

B2KH also provides support products such as high-quality Foldable Solar Panels to power portable operational equipment or charging batteries in the field or even soldier’s personal equipment at the base. Larger panels will easily charge car batteries used in trailer-mounted systems and the robustness and ease of storage is a major advantage over rigid panels.

The B2KH ranges are lightweight, tough, and rugged using laminated amorphous silicon or CIGS sensing panels.

Foldable Solar Panels

Foldable Solar Panels can also be placed in shallow streams for camouflage during long-term covert observation.

Foldable Solar Panels


The Drakon is a professional HD/3G-SDI H.264 low latency video encoder,compact with ultra- low power consumption design. HD-SDI with looping input provides simple installation in to existing systems. Available as commercial, ruggedised and OEM versions.
The SDI signal can be enhanced on-board prior to encoding by an SOC processor for creating H.264 high performance video encoding with a low bit rate.

Drakon low latency video encoder