Specialist System

Secure your portable power needs whilst operational by using our foldable solar panels.

B2K Holdings aims to make your nations forces secure and increase  the effectiveness of battlefield surveillance. Our specialist systems are  designed to power and charge your defence systems, reducing the logistics needed for battery resupply and the weight of non combat kit carried by ground troops.

We provide flexible solutions to ensure that we can keep our society operating when national disasters disrupt the electrical supply and cut off communications on a personal level. The ability to be able to charge mobile phones when off the grid is becoming a necessity and not a luxury.

Our specialist’s systems combine modern technology to power up portable operational equipment,  soldiers’ personal equipment on base or in the field plus charge batteries.


This is a lightweight video encoder, that is built specially to consume low power and has HD/ 3G SDI H. 246 low latency. It is available in commercial, ruggedised and OEM versions. This encoder’s capability ability is enhanced by a SOC processor. This creates high-quality video encoding with and variable bit rates.

Drakon low latency video encoder