2943 Britvu

2943 Britvu

BRITVU handheld remote ground system

2943 Britvu

Remote Viewing Terminal

Designed for operators, the Brit-Vu is a compact Remote Viewing Terminal (RVT) that enables ground forces to receive video from airborne assets with C Band analogue data links. Brit-Vu receives imagery from airborne assets in real time giving the capability for ground forces to have an excellent situational awareness.

Optionally provided in L and S bands, Brit-Vu is free from ITAR controls. The unit, with all its necessary ancillaries, is contained within a single Special Type Container (STC). The system can be deployed in vehicles, command centres, on foot and on naval vessels.

Brit-Vu has been designed to enable the ease of future upgrades and has been ergonomically designed to allow functional keys to fall to hand.

On-screen graphics allow the user to simply control the unit via an intuitive interface

The image can be optionally provided via a Test Transmitter Camera (TTC). The TTC acts as a surrogate datalink and camera system for Brit-Vu, enabling a full diagnostic test process.

Brit-Vu is available in a range of colours to suit the operating environment. For example, desert colour versions are used as operational RVTs, yellow versions as datalink test terminals and grey versions for maritime operations.


  • RVT for analogue frequencies (e.g. ROVER, Strikehawk)
  • Built-in Antenna
  • Single tablet unit with no additional cabling
  • C Band analogue as standard
  • Option for L and S band analogue
  • Operationally proven and in service
  • Supplied in a single custom transport case