The Rugged Airborne Display for Needed Assistance to the Military

Assistance of Rugged Airborne Display for the Military

As the military serves as the security backbone of any nation, there is a need for the rugged airborne display and other high-end military equipment that will be very beneficial. In this regard, Britannia 2000 Holdings specializes in supplying some of the best Airborne Displays.

The products for military airborne markets range from enhanced flat-panel operator consoles to space-qualified smart displays. Ruggedized packaging, electrical design alongside software capabilities are what allow access to information even in critical conditions. So, these special grade monitors can resist extreme environmental conditions.

How is the airborne system useful for the military?

Airborne systems are military units. Usually, it serves as light infantry, set up to be “dropped” into battle. Auch systems have the capability to deploy almost anywhere with little warning.

Airborne systems include troop parachutes for mass assault, equipment for tight drop zone landings, to some of the range of rugged displays.

B2KH has a wide array of Ruggedised and Military Rugged Displays that will be the most favorable for the military marketplace. 

  • Each of these monitors is packed with industrial-grade components, including specialist aluminum and metal, that can ensure increased ruggedness and optimum performance. Also, the company customizes solutions to match every aspect of your requirement.
  • Industry-leading display technology provides enhanced situational awareness. A high-performance display solution can match the needs of the naval, ground, and airborne environments.
  • The performance and reliability of this airborne system make them suitable for military or harsh industrial environments. Rugged construction, compact size, and high brightness Military Grade display Solutions find use during the deployment coordination. The best part is that each of these displays matches the standards of military, industrial and marine environments. Also, there is the availability of 100% sealed IP68 water-proof sunlight readable displays.

Also, you can get devices with 4K resolution; a full line of Rugged Military Displays can meet a wide variety of harsh environments. 

Highlight on the line of Military Displays will also match with the standards of several standard environmental qualifications.

  • CAMC

Compact Airborne Mission Computers has four-channel broadcast-quality H265 video codecs that are 4K compatible. Interfaces run Mapping Systems with real-time tracking (MTI).

  • 60003 Stanag 3350 RGB-SDI Encoder

It enables legacy turrets to connect to modern SDI video systems.

  • 60004 Fax Modem

60004 Fax Modem serves as the Aircraft quality Serial/USB Fax Modem to fulfill the military requirements.

  • 60005 Airborne DVR

60005 Airborne DVR record only airborne video recorder that serves the purpose of mission recording and archive.

  • 2915C 40w Video Downlink

A video downlink transmitter that has remote frequency control will ensure high-end support.

Final words

Airborne system Touchscreen in the critical environments must perform well in controlled settings and also extreme environments with unknown variables. Excessive vibration and high temperatures make the normal systems vulnerable to damage. Get the best supply today from B2KH that serves as leading experts in the field of supplying airborne systems.

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