HORUS Long Range Cameras

HORUS® Long Range Cameras

A family of bespoke long range cameras designed specifically to customer’s requirements without specialist engineering charges. Contact the factory for details

HORUS Long Range Cameras


2MP HDTV sensor package to offer a very wide field of view which can be seamlessly zoomed from 5.5° to 0.18° or 55.4º through to 0.18º using an optional wide angle zoom module which works as an acquisition camera.

The long range lens assembly includes a 4 port internal, motorised optical filter wheel to optimise the picture quality in hazy and high reflectivity scenes. Additional filters allow for operation with laser illuminators at night, yet retaining full crisp colour pictures by day.

HD SDI output as standard. Other output formats available on request.

The 9466-EFFIO-1000 is a long-range high quality colour surveillance camera, perfect for unattended operation in tough environments. Long Range Cameras like this one excel at monitoring vast areas with precision and reliability.

The single chip CCD chip CCD sensor is fitted with a high resolution 40-1000mm lens gives a field of view of 48Km at 10Kms.

The lens is fitted with a control board which operates the motorised focus, zoom and iris. On-board intelligence enables the camera to feedback zoom angles as well as including pre-sets for up to 7 focal lengths

The lens is also fitted with an internal 5 port filter wheel, The standard filters fitted are a polarising filter to reduce glare and a 870nm+ filter to enhance operation in haze and fog


The 9465 series is the workhorse camera of the range and its simple sealed construction with no frills mount plate enables standard zoom lenses and a wide variety of cameras to be fitted along with camera control boards.

For easy of assembly the whole camera lens and electronics can be fitted on to the mounting plate and slid in to the housing.

The front window can easily be replaced by removing the front plate. Sealed and pressurised, and including heaters, the 9565 can be specified with virtually any combination of cameras and lenses