Surveillance Systems

All of our surveillance systems products are also ethernet enabled.

High-Performance surveillance systems

  • B2KH staff have a vast knowledge of non-commercial Video Surveillance Systems stretching back to over 40 years and have been involved in systems from image tube technology and early solid-state sensors through to today’s sensor technology.
  • B2KH does not provide commercial CCTV systems.
  • Previous Long Range Cameras included triple change over cameras behind lenses of up to 10,000mm focal length and long-range night vision systems using 500mm F1.7 lenses.
  • Other specialists in Video Surveillance Systems included continuous rotation panoramic colour cameras, early uncooled Thermal Camera-based systems and ‘black light’ cameras with built-in LED illumination – now commonplace.
  • B2KH has also developed portable Video Surveillance Systems for operational use within a MANET system and a mix and match of different sensors with the ability to incorporate airborne surveillance into the MANET to enhance the mission commander’s overall view of the operational area.
  • Our area of expertise also includes vehicle-mounted systems, either operating alone or in conjunction with other vehicles to cover long distances such as Borders in a dynamic environment.
  • B2KH has strategic relationships with other similar technology-based companies to be able to act as a systems integrator for non-commercial surveillance systems.
  • Mission critical  surveillance and target tracking  require  precision cameras and mounts. Thermal and video cameras both have vlaubale uses in a complete surveillance system.
  1. Firefly thermal cameras

    B2KHoldings Firefly are integrated video, thermal, and laser range finders in a lightweight chassis including a pan/tilt.. Thermal surveillance systems are helpful for a wide variety of applications such as airport, border, and port surveillance in the vehicle and marine systems. This firefly camera combines a thermal color zoom camera that is 800×600 or 640×480. As standard B2KH integrate a 4KM rangefinder in to the system and control via Ethernet. Remote transmission is available as an option. The Firefly system is modular and we are able to configure systems according to the requirement are s.

  2. Long-range cameras

    B2KH has a history of Long Range Cameras in analog or HD SDI. Maximum focal lengths include 10,000mm fixed or 4000mm zooms. Cameras can be supplied with XZY adjustable brackets for collimation with other systems on a mount.

Firefly CMSLRF01

A combined lightweight Thermal/Video/Laser Rangefinder mounted on a pan/tilt unit suitable for a variety of applications including border, airport, and port surveillance as well as marine and vehicle systems. Firefly combines a 800×600 or 640 x 480 thermal camera, and colour zoom camera and a 4Km laser rangefinder with specialist codecs for ethernet control and video transmission. Modular and can be configured to user requirements

video surveillance systems

HORUS Long Range Cameras

The range of cameras includes HD SDI 0r Analogue zoom cameras Complete with a video angle acquisition zoom camera for target Acquisition and tracking. The cameras can be fitted with a variety of lenses and sensors to meet operational requirements. An optional XY adjustable mount is available for collimation with other sensors on a platform
Contact the factory to discuss the exact application.
Lenses up to 10,000mm available

Analogue zoom cameras