Surveillance Systems

Depend on us for security, delivering the highest quality video surveillance systems.

Video Surveillance Systems

B2K Holdings have over 30 years experience in providing high end video surveillance systems ranging from weapon fire control systems through to marine border surveillance. We maintain a constant development overview of our systems so that our products remain at the forefront for performance, reliability, and value.

Choose Our Company For Excellent Products

  • Britannia 2000 holdings provide a wide range of camera and lens combinations which can be personalised for specific requirements, as well as extremely friendly customer service. Our video systems are all designed to meet defence standards or commercial requirements for shock, environment and EMC.
  • The company maintains a strong regional market position, particularly in high-end systems. B2KH is also a sought-after partner in international projects.
  • B2K Holdings has developed surveillance systems that integrate with airborne systems into MANET which enhances the mission commander’s overall view thus providing enhanced situational awareness.
  • Our company also provides vehicle mounted networked cameras providing wide area surveillance for border or tactical applications. We put customer experience first and foremost and are happy to collaborate with other tech companies to provide integrated system.

Firefly Thermal Cameras

The Firefly range combines video and thermal cameras along with a laser rangefinder on an integrated pan/tilt platform resulting in a lightweight compact system easily mounted on a on a vehicle, boat or border post. Applications also include to airports and ports surveillance .

Firefly will integrate into networked systems

Firefly Thermal Video Camera

HORUS Long Range Cameras

The Horus camera is a modular system where specific camera sensors and lenses can be optimised to meet the customer requirement. The range of cameras includes HD / SDI,   Analogue and 4K cameras. Lenses up to 10,000mm focal length are available depending on the operational requirement. Precison XYZ dovetail mount is available for alignment to other sensors on a platform.

HORUS Long Range Cameras